What are the Expectations from Underfloor Heating Systems?


Underfloor heating systems are systems where heating is done under the floor. Although underfloor heating systems are generally considered for residences, the application area is very wide. For example, it can be built in large areas such as schools, hospitals, mosques, airports, as well as villas. It can also be applied to Turkish baths, swimming pools, greenhouses and even roads.

In closed areas, heating systems can be laid horizontally as well as vertically if desired. If we take a look at what are the expectations of the people who will have an underfloor heating system from the underfloor heating system;

Expectations from Underfloor Heating

The most important expectation of those who want to apply the underfloor heating system is a good and homogeneous heating of the place where it is made. Underfloor heating systems have proven themselves in efficient heating. Namely; It has been increasingly preferred since the 1980s. Since the heating is done by means of pipes and cables equally laid under the heated area, every part of the place is heated equally.

The other most important expectation of people who want an underfloor heating system is low cost. These systems provide 25-30 percent energy savings. Even if these savings changes according to the place, it does not decrease or even increases. Namely; While the savings rate is around 20 percent in apartments, it saves between 25-40 percent in villas and almost 70 percent in gyms. It provides cost savings as it is long-lasting and does not require constant maintenance. In underfloor heating systems, heat adjustment can be made by means of thermostats, which keeps consumption under control.

The next expectation of people who are heated and whose low cost expectations are met is healthy and safe heating. Underfloor heating systems are healthy because they are one of the healthiest heating systems as they do not dry the air, do not disturb the moisture balance and do not create excessive dust particles.

Underfloor heating systems are safer than other classical systems.

The fact that it can be applied to semi-open areas, that it is easy and fast to install, and that it is aesthetic, meets the expectations of the people who want to apply this system, as well as the expectations written above.

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