What are Underfloor Heating Materials?

What are Underfloor Heating Materials?

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems , which came to Turkey in 1980, became widespread in a short time. This system, whose main purpose is to provide floor heating by spreading the heat under the floor with the pipes inside the floor, is extremely useful. Underfloor heating system is a system that aims to achieve the most suitable temperature for our living spaces and to do this in the most economical way.

The floor heating system, which will not cause any loss in the decoration point due to being under the floor, is used in many areas today. The underfloor heating system has many advantages and the apparent intensity of these advantages emerges compared to a few points that should be considered during the use of the system.

One of these advantages is that it can work in harmony with all alternative energy sources . In this way, you can use the floor heating system in your home with the most economical energy sources. In addition, it does not require annual maintenance like a radiator heating system, and this indicates that an underfloor heating system that goes through quality materials and the right assembly process will be used for many years without any problems.

The underfloor heating system does not affect the architecture of the house in any way. In this heating system, which is more reliable than other heating systems, you can distribute the heat equally in the room, so you can feel the comfort of underfloor heating in all parts of your home.

What are Underfloor Heating Materials?

In order for the underfloor heating system to be realized efficiently, it is necessary to use the underfloor heating materials completely. These materials are designed completely in accordance with the underfloor heating method and aim to always offer the best heating values regardless of the floor.

Underfloor Heating Infrastructure Materials:

  • collectors
  • pex pipes
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic Flats
  • clips
  • Corner trimmers
  • shut-off valve
  • main controller
  • ground sensor
  • Test indicator
  • Alum additive
  • There are materials such as thermal insulation board.

What Do Collectors Do For Underfloor Heating System?

In underfloor heating systems, collector box means distribution box. Underfloor heating collector ; It is the material that collects the distribution of hot water from the heat source to the system and the water system that suffers heat loss.

In underfloor heating systems, the only place where the user intervenes is the collector box. The collector box, whose dimensions vary according to the size of the building or the number of collector openings, can be 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, or 100 cm as custom made.

Which Pipes Are Used in Underfloor Heating Systems?

Among the underfloor heating materials, the most important materials are pipes. Pex pipes are used in underfloor heating systems. Pex pipes produced in coils are laid with a protective sheath.

Protective sheath of Pex pipes; It protects the pipe from impacts, prevents the pipe from being worn, and ensures easy replacement in case of any damage.

Pex popular;

  • It shows resistance to chemicals.
  • It is long lasting.
  • It has a low coefficient of friction.
  • It is light form.
  • It is easy to transport and install.
  • It is resistant to rust and rot.

Thanks to their flexible structure, Pex pipes take shape easily and can be easily laid on the desired floor.

Why is Underfloor Heating Styrofoam Used?

Another important material used in underfloor heating systems is styrofoam. Underfloor heating styrofoam used in heating systems; It is used as an under-screed insulation material and is used to fix the underfloor heating pipe.

Generally, it is easier to install by using set styrofoam instead of flat styrofoam. Set styrofoam;

  • When the screed is to be laid, it prevents the pipes from collapsing.
  • Thanks to its porous structure, it minimizes cracks in the screed.
  • The application is carried out in a shorter time.

Depending on the application feature, the application can be carried out easily by using the steel mesh flooring.

What is the Role of Plastic Flats in Underfloor Heating System?

Plastic flats are one of the materials used in the fixing of the heat insulation panel in underfloor heating systems. In underfloor heating systems made by laying set styrofoam, the process is carried out by fixing the pipes between two styrofoam.

Each plastic flat is 35 cm in size. Pipe spacing is produced to be 5 cm. Interlocking plastic blades can be increased in length by adding them together.

How to Use Clips in Underfloor Heating System?

U-shaped clips, which are one of the smallest materials of underfloor heating systems, are used to prevent pipes from coming off after they are laid. The clips, which are pressed by hand at regular intervals, are attached to the modulation panel and keep the pipes fixed.

How Should Underfloor Heating Thermostat Be?

Two types of thermostats can be used as underfloor heating thermostat, digital display and analog display. Digital display thermostats come with or without a program. It has heating and cooling options.

Underfloor heating can also be used for cooling by using a heat pump. In order to use this feature, the thermostat must be selected in accordance with floor cooling.

Is Underfloor Heating Used in Wooden Floors?

Different types of wood flooring are used with underfloor heating systems. However, wooden floors have different thermal properties. Density and thinness of wooden floors allow them to conduct heat better.

Since heating the floor changes the moisture content of the wood, it is necessary to choose wood floors that can be heated without changing the appearance of the wood. An oven-dried wood works best in underfloor heating systems.

  • In engineering timber; It is the best wood flooring to use for underfloor heating. It adapts to the changing temperature.
  • solid parquet; It adapts to humidity and temperature changes with spacing, pitting and crowning.
  • soft woods; Suitable for underfloor heating systems. For adequate heat release, the thickness of the floorboards is important.

Wood flooring materials are a natural material that is affected by moisture. Therefore, when used as flooring material, it is necessary to provide the correct heating cycle by establishing the correct moisture content of the wooden flooring and underfloor heating system.

Engineering timbers; It can be directly installed on floating floors or lath/beam systems. Boards less than 20 millimeters thick are used fixed to support the proper structure.

What is the Best Floor Covering for Underfloor Heating?

Floor covering occupies an important place among those used for underfloor heating. The better the thermal conductivity of the floor covering, the higher the heat transfer.

The best floor coverings to be used in underfloor heating systems are also made with materials that do not have much conductivity. However, in such a case, it would be a dream to get the best heat efficiency.

  • Tile, stone and polished screed: The best flooring for underfloor heating. It has high thermal conductivity. Thus, the heat is quickly transferred to the floor surface.
  • Polished concretes: The heating time is fast. It provides high conductivity. It is suitable for electric and water-based underfloor heating.
  • Marble: Although it is a good thermal conductor, it heats more slowly than others.

If you are renovating or choosing a floor covering for a new construction, knowing the characteristics of the floor coverings you can use for underfloor heating systems is essential for good efficiency.

In addition, when laying tiles in underfloor heating; quality flexible tile adhesive should be used, and insulation should always be used on concrete floors. In the underfloor heating systems that you will make with Isimx, the highest quality materials are used, and the system is installed by expert and experienced teams.

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