What are Underfloor Heating Systems on Grass Fields?

What are Underfloor Heating Systems on Grass Fields?

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Electric underfloor heating is a heating system made under the grass field, especially in sports areas where winter conditions are difficult.

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems on Grass Fields?

  • To ensure the melting of snow that will accumulate on the grass field and to prevent icing that may occur.
  • To ensure that sports areas can be used in all seasons.
  • Arrangement of grass fields in sports competitions, replanting grass. etc. To reduce the costs of preparation for the season by preventing the emergence of situations.
  • To ensure that sports competitions are held without any problems by preventing delays that may occur due to bad weather conditions.
  • To prevent the grass from being affected by harsh weather conditions by heating the soil.
  • To make the grass grow faster by heating the soil.

With underfloor heating systems on grass fields , rapid growth of the grass is ensured, while it is prevented from being affected by harsh weather conditions and the grass is kept alive even in bad weather conditions. Thus, better quality and comfortable sports competitions can be held for the athletes.

Application of Underfloor Heating Systems on Grass Fields

There are two types of application: during the renewal of the grass in the area to be heated and when there is grass in the existing area.

In these systems, the power situation is determined depending on the geographical region where the area is located, the type of soil and seasonal conditions. Under normal conditions, power values between 50 W and 100 W are used per square meter.

In case of renewal of grass;

If there is no grass in the area where the heating system will be built, if it is being renewed, if the soil and drainage systems are not damaged, the soil is leveled. Afterwards, electric heating cables are placed between 18 and 40 cm.

In underfloor heating systems on grass fields , the temperature in the area 10 cm below the ground, that is, in the area close to the grass roots, is between 6 – 10 C on average.

The depth of the soil where the cable will pass is important, especially in the application to be made in sports fields such as football or athletics where the grass area is affected. This depth is between 20 – 25 cm on average.

In case there is grass in the existing area;

If there is grass in the application area, electrical heating cables are placed by means of special machines. After this application, which is done without removing the grass ground, the area becomes ready for use again in 15-20 days depending on the weather conditions.

Control of Underfloor Heating systems on Grass Fields can be manual or automatic. It is important to take security measures that will not cause loss of life and property in the systems.

You can check our Underground Heating Systems in Greenhouses to get information about underfloor heating systems in grass fields and to find out the prices of these systems.

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