What is a Resistance Cable and What Does It Do?

What is a Resistance Cable and What Does It Do?

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The most common areas where resistance cable is used in heating systems are drum and tank heating systems. Industrial oil products, paint raw materials and fuel oil waiting in drums made of plastic or metal must reach certain ambient temperatures. Transferring these raw materials to production is possible if they are in a fluid state. This is a situation that requires more attention, especially in the winter months when adverse weather conditions are experienced. Otherwise, if the necessary heating systems are not installed and the raw materials we have mentioned cannot be kept at the desired temperature, these materials may deteriorate or even freeze. Therefore, the best thing to do in this regard is to use drum and tank heating systems.

The most important material in the barrel and heating systems is the resistance cable . Because resistance cables are produced completely in accordance with these works and they have more than the features required by the system. For this reason, resistance cables are frequently used in drums and heating systems.

Each facility may have more than one different heating system according to their application systems and operating conditions. The best example for such situations is large industrial factories. Another heating system used in these factories is roof and gutter heating systems. The resistance cable is also frequently used in roof and gutter heating systems. The reason for this is that the cable systems that provide the best service in roof and gutter heating systems are resistance cables . In addition, resistance cables are never affected by any heating condition.

What does a resistance cable do?

The resistance cable is considered as a heater in itself. There are many advantages of resistance cables produced to be used in many heating systems. Thanks to the resistance cables known as heating cables, it is possible to reach the desired temperature in a short time. Only resistance cables are used in almost all heating systems within ISITMAX , especially in electric heating systems. Over the years, we have seen many times how safe and comfortable resistance cables are, and we have included these cables in our heating systems to satisfy our customers. We prefer to use resistance cables in electric heating systems, bath heating systems, gutter and roof heating systems, barrel and tank heating systems, pipe and valve heating systems . If you also want to have a good heater system, you can check our ISITMAX heater systems website and examine our products, services and references. You can find out any questions you may have about heating systems and resistance cables by calling us.

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