What is a Room Thermostat? Is It Necessary for Ground Heating?

What is a Room Thermostat? Is It Necessary for Ground Heating?

21 July 2020 by in Uncategorized

If you want to save money on the heat system you use in your living space, you must have a room thermostat installed in your home. That’s because we’re saving money! Whether it’s the heating system you use in your home, the underfloor heating system or the heating system with a radiator, a small device to use saves you money. A huge amount! If the heating system you use in your home is the underfloor heating system, this article is for you. In the content of our article you can find out what the room thermostat is, what the room thermostat does and whether it is necessary for underfloor heating system. Here is the room thermostat and general information outlined in outline of what it does…

What Does Room Thermostat Mean?

No matter what article you read about heating systems, whichever environment you enter, you come across the concept of room thermostats, don’t you? If you’re wondering what a room thermostat is, we’ll explain it right away. First of all, let’s go to our explanation by stating that the room thermostat is a product that saves on heating, especially in cold weather.

The room thermostat is a unit used in heating devices such as combi boilers and used to keep the room temperature at a constant level by having the device on/off when the room temperature reaches the desired degree.

By measuring the room temperature, we can also define the room thermostats as the device that turns off the system when the desired temperature value is reached by operating the heating system when the temperature drops below the desired value.

Today, you can find different thermostat models that you can use together with many different applications from heating unit systems to central heating systems and underfloor heating systems.

How Does the Room Thermostat Work?

If you prefer underfloor heating in your living area, it is very important to use room thermostat to ensure the continuity of temperature and save energy in the underfloor heating system as in other heating systems. The room thermostat is used for comfort as well as heat saving. If you want to get full efficiency from the room thermostat you use, your apartment insulation needs to be done. Now to how the room thermostat works…

Combi boiler 60Let’s say you bring it to °C. When you select the room thermostat at 25°C, the boiler; the temperature of the room where the thermostat is located until 25°C 60Keeps constant at °C. When the temperature of your room reaches 25°C, it stops working. When the temperature of your room drops below 25°C, the thermostat sends instructions to the combi boiler’s brain, allowing it to work again. Therefore, room insulation is of great importance in terms of the efficiency of the thermostat. You need to learn very well the use of room thermostats. You should learn more about it. Otherwise, by setting the device incorrectly, you can cause much more energy consumption than energy saving. By taking the most suitable device for your heating unit, you should learn how to use the room thermostat with the training support you will receive from the authorized service.

Why Use Room Thermostat?

Of course, the room thermostats you will use in your underfloor heating system have great benefits. We can say that your aim in using room thermostats should be to save energy first. The reason that comes after energy saving is to experience comfort. If you have a house with the right insulation, you can save more with the room thermostat. Even if your home isn’t insulated, you can save money when you use the device correctly and set it up correctly. You can get the detailed information you are curious about its operation from the authorized service that assembles it.

Is Room Thermostat Required in Ground Heating System?

You need to use room thermostats in the radiator system, central system and underfloor heating system. The temperature sensors of the underfloor heating system are not in contact with the heated air. Therefore, the room thermostat controls the temperature in the room. Temperature sensors largely determine the amount of electricity consumption. The room thermostat you will use in erden heating system is designed to control the operation of the system. It consists of a tuning device and several sensors. Equal temperature is maintained with the operation of the device within the installation. Energy consumption is minimized. Room thermostats are easy to use when paying attention. The way the underfloor heating system works, you can change its setting several times a day without fear of equipment breakage or early failures. You can set the minimum temperature for each room. In addition, some models of room thermostats allow the device to be programmed throughout the day. You must install the room thermostat in the authorized service.

The authorized service you call for installation connects the electrical cables to the thermostat it hangs on the wall. It then connects the thermostat to your combi boiler with certain processes.

Rules to Consider When Using a Room Thermostat

When installing the room thermostat, the authorized service will pay attention to many rules. The basic rules to consider when installing thermostats are:

It is better to place the room thermostat 40 – 170 cm away from the floor. If you have a mobile control panel, you can place the main box in a convenient place. The main functions of the ground temperature sensor are to prevent overheating of the floor covering and to ensure your foot comfort. It is also to block thermal control of the air in the room. Thermostats can be used with proper protection against water ingress on wet floors such as bathrooms. When the thermostat is mounted embedded in a wall, it is necessary to use a non-combustible mounting box. Wires leading from the regulator to pipes with a capacity of more than 1kW need to be stored in hollow heat-resistant pipes.

You should keep the ground temperature sensor between heating elements and at a distance of at least 50 cm from the walls. The authorized service initially takes into account the minimum operating temperature specified in the instructions when opening the device. Authorized service, wiring to the terminals of the thermostat, does so only according to the scheme specified in the manual. Installation of the thermostat should begin only after the final installation of heating elements on the floor to accurately calculate the length of the wires. When filling the floor with mortar, it is necessary to inshale the end of the pipe with a good temperature sensor. Before pouring the solution on the floor, it is important to check the performance of all elements of the system. Heating mats must be grounded and placed in front of the RCD thermostat.

When installing the thermostat, the authorized service will necessarily follow the above-mentioned rules. You must have such a serious job done by a competent team to protect against electric shock, fire and failure of the device.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying a Room Thermostat?

When buying the room thermostat, the authorized dealer from which you bought the device will surely ask you about the characteristics of your heating device. Because it gives the device according to these conditions. If your living space is small, a mechanical or electronic thermostat with an internal air temperature sensor is very suitable for your home. If you are not at home during the day, a programmable room thermostat will be more suitable to save electricity. If the room thermostat works at low voltage, it must be suitable for the maximum power of heating elements with a margin of 25-30%. If the interior of your house is wood-floored, you should choose only overhead thermostats. Finally, you should also consider design performance. If you pay attention to all this, you will choose a reliable device as well as a device that fits perfectly in your room.

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