What is Collector? How does the Ground Heating Collector Work?

What is Collector? How does the Ground Heating Collector Work?

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One of the most notable details in settlements is how to provide heat. Just as the importance of standing in cool places increases in summer, care is taken to select places where there are no heating problems, especially in winter. The heating systems used by the buildings may vary according to the area and cost it will affect. In houses, heating is usually provided by combi boiler. Today, the depletion of energy resources has increased the importance given to efficiency. The desire to achieve more efficiency by expending less energy also applies to heating. Another warming method that has increased its popularity with its efficiency in recent years is underfloor heating. One of the most curious questions is how underfloor heating works. What is the use of the collector used in the underfloor heating system, which has different system? How many types of collectors are there, and which is the best? What are the considerations before choosing? In this article, we will first tell you about the underfloor heating system and then get used to answering your questions about what the collector is and how it works.

What is a Ground Heating System?

Underfloor heating simply means that the heating in the settlement starts from the base. It is aimed to heat more areas with unit energy. One of the issues that users complain about the most about heating methods is that the heat is not evenly distributed. One area maintains its ideal temperature, while the other area is cold. Increasing unit energy to warm up can increase the cost and sometimes not solve the problem. That is why the components in heat systems are very important. In the underfloor heating method, the floor is laid with cables or pipes, and heating is provided in this way. There are two main methods for performing heating. The first is the method that converts electrical energy into heat energy. Resistance cables are used. The second method is the system of circulating water heated in an external source in pipes laid on the ground. In short, there are two methods: electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating cables are laid evenly on the floor of the settlement. In this way, heat dissipation is provided in a homogeneous way. The heat from the ground rises in the air and spreads throughout the area. Homogeneous heat dissipation is ensured in all areas in both heating systems. The efficiency from unit energy is high.

Underfloor heating systems are the underfloor heating system consisting of cables or pipes laid inside the concrete floors of buildings. Heating with the radiator ensures that areas such as walls and ceilings are warmer, while the ground heating system ensures equal distribution of heat to the area. Man can be found for a long time in environments with ideal temperature due to the structure of his body. With the underfloor heating system, the ideal temperature is provided from the ground, leaving the person to enjoy only the view of rain or snow. Efficient protection of energy while maintaining a healthy and homogeneous heating ensures frequent use of underfloor heating system. At the same time, the cost is quite affordable compared to the energy it spends and the efficiency it provides.

What is the Collector included in the Ground Heating System?

Underfloor heating systems are a complicated structure with cables or pipes laid on the floor. The collector is the main pipe from which the fluid from the small section pipe is collected. In fact, it is also the dispenser element of the underfloor heating system. The collector has a single horizontal large column and multiple pipes that come out of them. The length of the pipes leading to different areas is adjusted according to where they reach. The collector ensures that the pipes are collected in an area, preventing concrete per puncture. It also allows the installed installation to reach various regions. Underfloor heating systems should be divided into more areas according to the size of the residential area so that homogeneous heat dissipation can be achieved. The collector is also one of the main elements, which is part of the underfloor heating system that ensures the fulfillment of this task. Since it is one of the main parts in the operation of the underfloor heating system, its selection is very important. The choice of a quality brand ensures the longevity of the collector and the smooth operation of the system. Since every cable or pipe laid on the ground is the place where it is collected, heat control is also provided from here.

How Many Types of Collectors Are There?

The collector has round-trip pipes. Depending on the condition of all pipes, the collector should be placed in a central and easily accessible place. It is also important that it is in a sheltered place. It should not be open to factors such as water, wind or impact. Collectors have valves that control the pressure that fills the round-trip pipes. Control of different pressure amounts going to different circuits is provided through these valves.

There are two types of collectors according to the type and sensitivity of the valves. The first is a flat collector and the other is a flow-adjusted collector. Control can also be obtained from the flat collector, and the sensitivity of these collectors to the amount of pressure to be adjusted is low. In collectors with flow adjustment, the amount of flow passing through the pipes can be seen. Flow-adjustable collectors, which are optional collectors, have many advantages. Therefore, it is recommended for underfloor heating. Regardless of the type of collector, its selection must be made by experts in order to work smoothly for many years. The choice to be made may vary depending on the width of the area to be heated, the length of the pipes and other factors.

How does the ember, which is an important component of the ground heating system, work?

Collectors have round-trip pipes. The amount of flow in these pipes can be adjusted and the amount of heat of each different pipe can be adjusted. This part, which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and as desired, is one of the main parts of the underfloor heating system. Thanks to the value that can be read from collectors, in case of any problems in the underfloor heating system, work is carried out on the connected line without stopping the system. Valves are installed for the control of special pipes in each area intended to be heated. In this way, heat control can be achieved by opening and closing the valves. Air discharge devices can also be easily installed in flow-adjusted collectors. Collectors that pass sealing tests and are highly reliable are also environmentally friendly.

The collectors, designed in the form of a horizontal column, have multiple outlets. How to place these pipes, which reach each area separately, and their length should be calculated by professionals. The location of the collector should be placed at an easy distance to all areas. The outlet point where each pipe is is controlled by a separate valve. The temperature can be adjusted by reading the amounts of pressure passing through the pipes. This method is very attractive for people who find different temperatures ideal in different rooms. For example, someone who spends time in the living room during the day can turn down the valve of the bedroom. Even a temperature of 1-2 degrees saves serious money in the long run. Saving contributes to one’s budget and reduces the amount of energy to be spent from nature and is therefore very valuable.

Why Should Ground Heating Be Preferred?

Underfloor heating system is one of the often preferred heating methods, as it is environmentally friendly, distributes heat homogeneously and efficiently throughout the entire area. It is also a separate advantage for the user that the temperature in the areas reached by the heat can be controlled thanks to the flow-adjusted collector. All products used in underfloor heating system are durable and long lasting. The use of parts that have proven reliability through many tests only gives you the opportunity to enjoy warm spaces with your loved ones. If you want to enjoy cold winter days with your loved ones, you can choose the underfloor heating system. With its low cost and long-term savings, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with underfloor heating, which is pocket friendly.

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