What is Ground Heating Styrofoam? Price and Dimensions

What is Ground Heating Styrofoam? Price and Dimensions

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In particular, underfloor heating styrofoam systems, which are successfully applied after the end of rough construction in buildings that have been under construction in recent years, allowing the interiors to be heated with higher efficiency with lower energy consumption, are among the most preferred methods today. Special materials and tools are also used in the preferred underfloor heating systems to ensure energy efficiency in almost all countries of Europe and to encourage budget-friendly action on energy consumption.

One of the first materials that comes to mind when it comes to underfloor heating systems is naturally underfloor heating styrofoam. Underfloor heating styrofoam

, which ensures that large interiors reach the ideal temperature in the shortest time while saving energy and natural heating costs, is one of the most notable products. One of the most important materials used in underfloor heating systems implemented by professional masters, both after rough construction and later renovation and restoration works, stands out as underfloor heating styrofoam.

What Does Ground Heating Styrofoam Do?

The main function of underfloor heating styrofoam is quite simple. Underfloor heating styrofoam, which is specially produced as fabrication, is one of the most important materials used as under-screed insulation material in underfloor heating systems, which are also widely used in Turkey. To describe the function of underfloor heating styrofoam, in the shortest terms; These specially produced products are special manufacturing materials used for fixing the underfloor heating pipe and installation to the floor of the interior.

Underfloor heating styrofoam, which has many varieties, performs an effective role in different underfloor heating systems. With its models, also known as foil underfloor heating styrofoam, it ensures that the floor heating pipes are properly installed under the flooring of the interior. But the task of the underfloor heating styrofoam is not only proper and high-quality installation processes. These products, made of special substances, are also to provide thermal insulation in activating the underfloor heating process.

Heating Styrofoam Properties

As it is known, the main purpose of underfloor heating systems is to create the ideal temperature up to the level that reaches the average human height by allowing the warming air to rise upwards. Foil heating styrofoam products are one of the most used materials in underfloor heating systems, which are widely used in different sectors and different interiors. Thanks to the use of underfloor heating styrofoam, thermal insulation under the floor is provided quite significantly. Underfloor heating styrofoam are materials produced in certain sizes and sizes in accordance with world standards.

The underfloor heating styrofoam, which is tasked with providing the necessary thermal insulation, also ensures that energy is saved by transferring a whole energy into the building. Therefore, the most preferred heating styrofoam measurements in ground heating systems are also gaining importance. Underfloor heating styrofoam is manufactured from special material in sizes suitable for world standards. The fact that these products are away from their original standards can cause heat to escape down, both in the successful installation of underfloor heating pipes during installation and by not providing the desired thermal insulation during the use phase. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the use of heating styrofoam products with reliable brands and models from reliable companies.

Today, especially
the watery underfloor heating system
is actively used in the vast majority of newly built houses. In addition to providing comfort and ample living space to its users, the advantages of underfloor heating systems stand out in preventing energy consumption as well as environmental pollution. In watery underfloor heating systems, which are assembled using heating styrofoam, existing airflow and particles are frequently preferred because they do not form dust circulation compared to heated heating systems.

Advantages of Using Heating Styrofoam

Underfloor heating styrofoam, which is manufactured for effective use of the underfloor heating system, is mainly used for the installation of underfloor heating systems. The benefits of using heating styrofoam , which have standard sizes, can be listed as follows:

  • It provides high efficiency in heating and accelerating the application of labor.
  • Thanks to its special shape and material structure, it creates a superior interaction with the floor screed on it.
  • It provides not only heat but also sound insulation between interiors.
  • It does not burn in the event of a fire because it has no flame-walking raw materials on it.
  • Minimizes cracks in the screed thrown over heating pipes on the floor.
  • Thanks to the add-ons between each other, it can be easily assembled as a whole in the place where it is applied.

People who want to have a comfortable and advantageous indoor heating system use their preferences in favor of underfloor heating systems. Laying pipes in underfloor heating systems is one of the processes that experienced craftsmen must perform. These pipes are also very easy to assemble by carrying out restoration and renovation works outside of construction. Laying heating styrofoam is realized in a practical way thanks to modulation channels, i.e. pipe laying intervals. It is also known that these products save time compared to flooring applications made with flat styrofoam.

Ground Heating Styrofoam Dimensions and Sizes

Underfloor heating styrofoam has world-class dimensions and sizes. The most useful and internationally standard underfloor heating styrofoam sizes are listed as follows :

  • Heating styrofoam length 122 cm
  • Heating styrofoam eni 62 cm
  • Heating styrofoam thickness 44 mm, i.e. 4.4 cm

Heating styrofoam is laid on floor concrete in the form of site thermally insulated material from 2-24-26-28 or 30 with high density. It is important to get services from expert and experienced masters in this field during the construction of underfloor heating systems. In this way, both heat and sound insulation between the interiors are provided in the best way. According to the project on the underfloor heating styrofoam, underfloor heating pipes are laid within the appropriate plan. The laid pipes are subjected to sealing testing and then screed is poured over the pipes, which are not understood to have leaked. After the screed is expected to dry, which floor covering is preferred according to the demand on the floor of the place, it begins to be applied. The floor covering, which is compatible with heating styrofoam, includes:

  • Laminate
  • faience
  • granite
  • concrete
  • parquet

The most ideal insulation materials for heating systems from the special foil-covered floor are the ground heating styrofoam . Special channels on the side surfaces of the styrofoam provide ease of installation.

Ground Heating Styrofoam Prices

Prices of custom-made underfloor heating styrofoam may vary according to the materials and sizes to be used. If you need the most affordable options of these materials, which provide both heat and sound insulation as well as providing a homogeneous temperature formation indoors, you can also browse our company’s products for every budget.

Since special foil coated underfloor heating styrofoam is offered for sale in our company, homogeneous temperature and insulation can be obtained without heat bridge in each square meter. You can follow detailed information about these services from our company’s corporate website.

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