What is the Most Economical Heating System?

What is the Most Economical Heating System?

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Meteorology warns all the time. Winter’s here. And it’s getting colder every day. There are different solutions for how we can save budgets for heating systems. There are many heating systems used in Turkey. It is possible to sort options such as solar energy, underfloor heating, natural gas stoves and combi boilers, fireplaces, large heating boilers used for the central system and electric radiators. However, the issue of which is best and how to use the saving heating system is constantly discussed. Can the next generation of air conditioners, electric heating systems and underfloor heating be rivals to natural gas and heating? So how can it be saved according to different heating systems? What is the most economical heating system for you? We’re answering your questions.

How to Save for Natural Gas Heating System?

Since natural gas is imported from abroad in our country, it is a form of heating that is quite expensive in price. Especially in housing, there is a high amount of bills. In order for natural gas to be counted among the efficient heating systems, some measures need to be taken. In Turkey, it is possible to save money with the right behavior methods in the use of natural gas, which is the most preferred system for heating both in industry and housing, in large cities.

With the simple measures you will take, you can get fewer bills. For example, you can place thermal insulation plates on the back of radiators, you can put your belongings so that they do not close the radiators. You can also save on heating by using long curtains and keeping your curtains closed in winter, especially at night. If the building has thermal insulation and you have taken the necessary precautions, you can use natural gas as a saving heating system. Although it is not fully included in this category, it will be possible to save money with the measures taken.

How to Save Money with Electric Ground Heating System?

Especially in metropolitan areas, most places use natural gas for heating. However, in historical places such as the Grand Bazaar, electric heating system is often used in old neighborhoods and buildings. In addition to these large structures, the electric underfloor heating system, which is widely used in residential buildings, also stands out for saving money.

There are some measures that need to be taken to save money on electric heating as well. First of all, the temperature in the thermostat on it should be adjusted to a maximum of 50 degrees. The heater must be used with a dirt-lined outlet. If the thermosyphone is used, it must be operated full. Smart heaters with saving heating system should be taken. When all of these measures are taken, you may also see the bill drop.

How to Save Money with Ground Heating System?

The underfloor heating system, also known as the saving heating system, is known as budget friendly in the long term with the energy savings it will provide afterwards, although it is somewhat costly during the construction phase. It saves an average of 20-25 percent of the heating bill paid each month.

Also, since there is no honeycomb in the house, it offers the host the opportunity to place the items as he wishes. Ceramic floors, which are always cold, especially in winter, only fully heat up in the underfloor heating system. This becomes an advantage for families with children beyond saving money. Underfloor heating, which has stood out as the saving heating system of recent days, is likely to be as popular as natural gas soon.

What to Do to Save Energy in Winter?

There are some measures to be taken in addition to efficient heating systems to save on heating bills paid in winter. First of all, the thermal insulation of the place that is required to be warmed must be well made. Recently made mandatory building thermal insulations, as everyone knows, mantle, is quite successful in thermal insulation. In the mantle buildings, it has been proven that the heat is both evenly spread and used more efficiently than the buildings that are not built. Therefore, if there is no mantle in the building, no matter how much heating is saved, it is quite difficult to achieve the desired budgets. Even if the saving heating system is used, more energy needs to be spent because there is not enough thermal insulation.

How to Use Heating Systems to Reduce Your Bills?

You can reduce your bills with some simple measures that you can take on your own at home. If you use a cost-saving heating system, your bills won’t be too high anyway, but if you take additional precautions, you can minimize the amount you spend on heating. If your glass is old-fashioned glass, you can replace it with PVC joinery glass with a double glass system.

If you use natural gas and have an old-fashioned boiler, you can replace your boiler with a device that works with the new system. All new types of combi boilers have condensed features, and most have a time adjustment option. If you work every day and spend long hours outside the home, you can get up to 20 percent off your bill. Or you can make a complete change and use a cost-saving heating system.

How to Prevent Heat Loss in Our Homes during The Winter Months?

The area where the heat is most lost in winter is the windows and doors of our houses. If isolated materials are used in doors and windows, and gaps in the edges are closed with suitable materials such as window and door sponges, heat loss can be prevented.

The insulated roof of the building we are in is another factor that prevents heat loss. Setting the boiler even at a low rate of only 5 degrees will affect the bill. The use of heat meter or heat-adjusted thermostats in buildings heated by the central system will also save energy. Hot water pipes in the house can also be isolated. If a timed boiler is used, the temperature can be adjusted according to the times at home. Cost-saving heating system you may not need these measures if you are using them, but if you take these measures, your already low inbound bill will fall even further.

Which is the most economical of heating systems?

There are savings measures specific to the user of natural gas, electricity or underfloor heating. Measures such as building thermal insulation and roof insulation apply to all heating systems. But economically, the underfloor heating system stands out one step more. Underfloor heating is known as a bill-friendly form of heating among all types of saving heating systems. That’s why it stands out as the most logical of all we’ve ever used.

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