What should bath marble be selected according to?

What should bath marble be selected according to?

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The bath, also known as the “Turkish bath”, has been used effectively for cleaning in our country for centuries. Baths, which have become a health care for locals and a special experience for foreigners, have now become exotic centers, but they still function. The hammam attracts both operators and guests with its heating system and design. For those who want to have a pleasant time while meeting the cleaning needs in the most beautiful way, hamam marble, hammam heating system, service and its unique culture are very interesting.

The majority of baths in Turkey operate both male and female sections at different times or venues. For some baths, men’s or women’s services are limited to certain times of the day. In this article, you can have detailed information about the bath marble, which is one of the most important parts of the bath, you can learn the features that should be considered in the selection of them.

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Bath Services

The design and service of each bathhouse differs slightly. Bath marble is an important detail in the design of the bath. However, for the first-time visitor to a Turkish bath, the choice of services is of great importance. You can choose a service pack that includes basic brushing and sparkling washing. Other options include self-service or an additional oil massage. You will need to make a reservation before visiting. When you enter the hammam lounge, find the reception area to confirm your service. You will be directed to a private room to change and lock your personal belongings.

After removing your clothes, in most baths, it is imperative to cover the lower half of your body. Women should not remove the bottom of their underwear or alternatively wear swimsuit bottoms. Wrap yourself in peshmerga (bath towel), put on slippers, get your dressing key and you are ready to go.

Bath Experience

By entering the temperature (hot room), your journey to the bath begins. The marble-covered room consists of several washing sections, crowns (watersheds) around the wall and a belly stone (heated marble platform) in the center under the dome. So get wet by pouring water all over your body. Then lie down on the belly stone for a few minutes. You can watch the architecture around you while relaxing and sweating slightly. The choice of bath marble forms the backbone of architecture. If you are visiting during the day, look up and you can see the sunlight entering the room from the dome.

Your skin softens enough for shedding after 10-15 minutes in temperature and humidity. Your attendant – nats for women or wires for men – comes with a pouch, a special myth used to cleanse dead cells of your skin. Thus, your experience of bathing begins.

Hamam Mermeri Neye Göre Seçilmelidir?

4 Reasons to Use Bath Marble

If you have an area sensitive to water or humid areas, the best building material to install is marble specially produced for baths. Marble is a substance that is very resistant not only to time, but also to impacts. This means that it is unlikely to need to be replaced. As for thresholds, the cost of replacing them will also be low. Therefore, most operators tend to get the best construction product that their business can have, including high-quality thresholds such as marble.

  1. Timeless Beauty

Ancient Roman baths are decorated with mosaic arrangements created with bath marble. These structures were built on hot springs, where travertines were abundant, but the importance of bathing rituals prompted Roman architects to order a stylish marble brought from the village of Carrara in Tuscany. Marble has since formed the basis of decorative materials in bathrooms.

  1. Extreme Versatility for Interior Décor

Whether your style is classic or modern, rustic or stylish, the bath marble will look great. If you have a natural or laminate wood assembly, tiles with a brushed surface will be the right choice. If you have chrome or brushed steel fixtures, the polished marble countertop will be perfect for the bathtub and shower walls. So you can capture an original design.

  1. Increased Property Value

Bathrooms made with bath marble will increase the value of the bath, especially if it is one of the few properties with this feature in other baths around it. A higher property value translates into equity, which gives a more profitable resale value and makes it easier to refinance an existing mortgage. Many homeowners limit their marble installations to kitchen countertops, because this is a focal point where real estate agents show the property. But a single marble slab on the central island can become very monolithic. If you want to attract the attention of buyers, especially women, it is a good way to go to the marbles in the bathrooms. Moreover, you make the bath heating installation more effective with the bath marble. This increases the property value of the business.

  1. Easy Maintenance

The bath marble found in the ancient Roman baths gradually lost its majestic appearance because when the baths were built there was no sealant and it would not be formulated centuries later. These days, you can easily protect the surface of the bath marble by cleaning it with a marble and granite cleaner and closing it regularly.

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Features of Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock created by compression deep on earth and an enormous amount of heat over a long period of time. One of the features that makes marble so beautiful is the organic coloring of the mineral. Marble, based on the minerals around limestone, gains its various colorations when exposed to the heat of the earth. Bath marble is primarily made of limestone, but other minerals can contain calcite, clay minerals, mica, quartz, pyrite, graphite and iron oxide. It is the fossil material that melts into the mixture, which gives the marble material a truly dimensional appearance. Metamorphosis of marble occurs in the process of cooling or re-crystallization. As the viscous mixture of the mineral cools, it gradually freezes. This organic process makes the substance of bath marble special.

Is Bath Marble Waterproof?

The question of whether bath marble is waterproof may come to some operators’ minds. This is normal, because bath marble is ultimately a porous material. To solve this dilemma, take a piece of marble slab and pour water on it. You’ll see the water rise. Marble doesn’t absorb water. Therefore, it is waterproof.

On the other hand, people can be found who believe that the substance of bath marble is not waterproof. For this, they suggest that marble is a porous material. However, small holes do not absorb water. They’ll still get a stain. If you pour a juice on the floor or countertop of the bath marble, for example, the liquid can seep into those small pores, settle on the surface and change its color. However, it is also possible to prevent this situation. By covering your marble with a special sealing agent every 12 months, your bath marble flooring and countertops become not only waterproof, but also stain-resistant.

Hamam Mermeri Neye Göre Seçilmelidir?

What Varieties Can Be Selected for Hamam Marble?

You can find other options that are available on the market and have slightly different properties compared to traditional original marble. For example, if you are looking for something that offers a large amount of visuality along with a very striking tint, then you can consider black granite bath marble as a building material. Such marbles can also be advantageous for bath heating targets.

Likewise, if you think of a processed stone that does not have a real level of water absorption, you can think of pure white thazoz thresholds instead. Most of this material has a sharp white color, which looks absolutely irregular in the settings. Therefore, if you are aiming for a design that really stands out, such marble varieties are an excellent way. You will never find anything resembling these two types of stones, which will highlight the unique identity of your business. In addition, you can provide bath heating systems in the best way using bath marble.

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