What to Lay on Underfloor Heating?

What to Lay on Underfloor Heating?

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With the development of technology, heating systems began to be offered to customers in different ways. Underfloor heating saves from rough appearances and provides a more usable opportunity. In addition, it is a solution to all problems that cause problems such as soot and odor.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Thanks to the panels placed in the place chosen as the application area, hot water distribution is provided with the help of the pipes laid. Thanks to the heat circulation provided, heat generation is allowed.

Underfloor Heating Benefits

Underfloor heating systems , which are generally designed for large spaces, prevent temperatures from being excessively different. The circulating heat is at a level around the average. It provides ease of use by not occupying space.

The formation of the underfloor heating system first begins with the concrete pouring of the screed. Styrofoam panel is placed on it. Then the screed is placed on the placed styrofoam. Afterwards, upon the request of the customer, coating such as parquet and marble can be made. This preferred coating color and type feature can be determined according to the customer. Insulation tape is also included among the materials used. Pipes must be capable of heating and cooling. A fastener is used to be placed on it. It provides both an underfloor heating system that provides heat and an elegant appearance. Thanks to the concrete poured on the pipes, many coating systems can be used according to preference. The fact that there are different options such as tiles, parquet and marble does not create a problem for the heat situation. However, it is absolutely necessary to test the pipes when they are placed. The temperature tested is an important factor for pressure and leakage. Even thick glass is used for some floors. It can be combined with the glass pipes used to provide a different design. The product difference to be made on it will make this situation enjoyable. In addition, effortless heat provides even savings for customers.

Customers who prefer the underfloor heating technique should pay attention to the use of quality materials in order to have a long-lasting structure. The quality product also eliminates the risk situation that may occur. Installing the underfloor heating system involves serious professionalism. Pipes placed blindly and without testing can pose a danger. Customers need to analyze carefully and give it to the company that does the job best.

You can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems to get information about the systems that can be installed on underfloor heating and to find out the prices of these systems.

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