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HomeMax Series Winter Garden / Covered Terrace and Covered Balcony Underfloor Heating System

Areas such as the winter garden, terrace or covered balcony are areas where heat losses are high and yet comfort is expected at a high level. Electric underfloor heating systems are among the best choices for winter gardens or closed balconies where a warm atmosphere is desired in cold weather.

You can use 2 types of electric underfloor heating systems to be used in your construction phase or renovation projects. These are the under-concrete cable system and the parquet / under-laminate carbon heating film.

1. Wired Underfloor Heating: It consists of T2Max underfloor heating cables, which are fabricated on strong industrial tapes at certain intervals in order to facilitate the installation. Industry Leader, with its strong and flexible structure, has been developed for effective heating under concrete. The Heating Mat is easily laid on the floor as it comes out of the box. There is no need for floor mounting. It is cut and placed on the floor in accordance with the installation booklet. With the help of strong mounting tapes included in the package, the mattresses can be fixed to the ground so that they do not slip before screed.

The system is automatically controlled with HT Series digital surface-mounted thermostat and floor sensor up to 16A power (3000Watt / Max 12m2).

If the system is over 16A or more than 12 m2 heating area;

A. Control Panel: It is controlled by ( Control Panel ). It can be used in combination with Control Panel and Digital Thermostat ( Control Panel / Digital Thermostat )

  • The Control Panel alone is sufficient to control your system. There is a digital rail type thermostat inside the control panel. It is sufficient for our customers who want to turn the system on and off from the dashboard. It can only be used for on-off purposes for smart home automation.
  • On the other hand, the Control Panel and Digital Thermostat are removed from the thermostat inside the control panel and the thermostat unit is included in the system as surface-mounted. In this way, the system offers easier control with a more elegant control unit. If you prefer the thermostat with wifi, you can remotely control your heating system (you can choose wifi to control your winter garden outside without leaving the house)

B. Multiple Thermostats: ( Digital Thermostat ) If your current electrical installation allows, you can energize the heaters with 2 or more digital thermostats . In this case, there is no need to use a control panel. In addition, the heating area can be divided into zones as much as the number of thermostats and can be controlled separately. ( It is recommended to have a separate line for each thermostat from your panel. )

2. Heating Carbon Heating Film: You can only use our carbon film heater under wooden coating or laminate flooring in your winter garden or indoor balcony areas. Although the carbon heating films developed for comfortable heating under laminate are sufficient for heating alone, it is not recommended to use above 26C in order not to spoil your parquet or wooden flooring. Therefore, it focuses on floor comfort rather than ambient temperature. With its 1mm thickness, it does not raise the level and is easy to install.

The system is controlled by Hi-Max series digital thermostat and floor sensor up to 16A power. For larger heating areas, control products A and B above are valid for the carbon heater.

Note: There are two important points to consider in carbon heaters. The product is affected by moisture and water. For this reason, insulation reinforcement is made as standard by Heatingx. In addition, the connection shoes of the product come out over time. For this reason, special connections developed by Isıx are used. Finally, carbon films are prepared by cutting only to your size by Heatingx. In this way, it is sent as a ready-to-install product. After purchasing, our customer communication consultant will call you and take your measurements.

You can check our page to buy our carbon film heaters wholesale and cut them according to your project.

Wired Underfloor Heating Features

  • Double-conductor T2Max heating cable provides ease of connection from a single point
  • Power output for comfort and heating: 200W/m2
  • Quick Installation: Simply unfold the mat and fix it on the floor
  • Flexible Assembly: Cables can be shaped by cutting the tape and fixed with tape again.
  • 100% earth shield with copper braid with aluminum winding to ensure electrical safety
  • It is suitable for all floor coverings.

Carbon Film Heating Features

  • Ultra Thin: With its 1mm thickness, the ultra-thin solution does not raise jeans. Ideal for renovation projects.
  • Width options: 100cm, 80cm, 50cm width comes as standard.
  • Quick Installation: Simply lay it on the floor, move the cable to the thermostat / junction box and lay your parquet
  • Heatingx Difference: Unlike the market, the product is cut ready for assembly and connections are made. The end connections are specially strengthened, thus prolonging the product life and preventing deterioration.
  • 100% earth shield with copper braid with aluminum winding to ensure electrical safety
  • It is the ideal solution for laminate flooring and wooden floors.
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    Catalogue, Brochure and Warranty

    HomeMax Underfloor Heating Technical Brochure

    HomeMax Underfloor Heating Installation Guide

    FilmMax Technical Brochure

    FilmMax Installation Guide

    Warranty Certificate

    Digital Thermostat Technical Brochure

    Control Panel Technical Brochure

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    Consumption Values

    Below you max. consumption values are given as an example. The values given will decrease according to the season, geographical conditions, insulation values and your usage habits. Wired Underfloor Heating and Carbon Film have the same average consumption values.
    Comfort Heating
    2 m2 heating area ( 180Watt/m2 ) 0.3kw heat power
    Thermostat setting: open 24 hours / floor temperature 22C
    The time the system is active is average per day. It will be 4 hours.
    Consumption: 4 hours x 0.3kw x 0.7 kuruş
    0.8 TL / day
    Heating Alone
    2 m2 heating area ( 180Watt/m2 ) 0.3kw heat power
    Thermostat setting: open 24 hours / floor temperature 28C
    The time the system is active is average per day. It will be 7 hours.
    Consumption: 7 hours x 0.3kw x 0.7 kurus
    1.4 TL / day

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    Box contents

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    Promax Application Service

    It is a ready-to-install product. If you want to get application service, you can contact our dealers in your province from our Promax page or you can choose assembly when ordering.

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    Product Image and Video
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    More Explanation About the Winter Garden

    Two systems are used for underfloor heating of the winter garden or covered terraces. One of the winter garden heating systems is underfloor heating with electric cable, and the other is underfloor heating with carbonic film. Electricity is used for heating of such systems.

    Closed terrace heating systems, like other underfloor heating systems, are installed on the floor of the space to be heated and the temperature is controlled by a thermostat. Afterwards, the desired flooring can be used on the floor of these environments. The thermostats used may have floor sensors and they cannot rise above a certain temperature.

    Underfloor heating systems with water pipes are not suitable for closed terrace areas. Because water floor heating systems cannot be used intermittently, that is, they are not suitable for places where the heater is turned on and off during the day. For this reason, electric cable or carbonic film heating systems should be preferred depending on the situation of the place in the preference of winter garden or covered terrace heating.

    Winter Garden Heating with Carbonic Film

    Carbonic films are the most practical solutions for conservatories or covered terraces that will have underfloor heating in the conservatory. After the heating films are applied to the floor, the top of the system can be covered with the desired material such as carpet, parquet, PVC. Insulation material is also laid under and on top of the carbon films in order to provide thermal insulation.

    It is a practical solution since the assembly phase takes an average of one day and does not require modification. It is an easy-to-use and inexpensive heating solution for covered terrace heating.

    Electric Cable Winter Garden Heating

    These systems make the heating through electrical cables to be laid on the ground. However, if electric cable floor heating is preferred in indoor terrace heating systems, these can only be applied during the construction or renovation phase. After such systems are laid, a thin screed must be laid on the floor.

    Underfloor Heating Systems Advantages

    Due to the fact that such systems remain under the floor, the usage area of the space expands and becomes more comfortable to decorate. The annoying and decorative radiator panels are not visible.

    In these systems, the heat is distributed homogeneously and dusting due to radiator panels does not occur. In this respect, it is a very healthy system.

    When the outer wall partitions of places such as winter gardens and covered terraces are made of glass, heat loss is experienced too much in heating with other methods.

    In closed terrace heating systems, they also provide energy savings since the purpose is to meet the heat lost in the heated space.

    The temperature is precisely controlled and activated quickly. Energy savings are achieved by reducing the temperature from the thermostat or turning it off completely when not in use.

    You can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems to get information about indoor terrace heating systems and to find out the prices of these systems.

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