Working Method for Underfloor Heating System

YERDEN ISITMA SİSTEMLERİThe characteristics of underfloor heating systems vary according to the type of fuel used as energy.

Electric Heating Systems

Electric heating systems are made by using special production cables with heating feature. The heating system created with the help of cables laid under the floor is called underfloor heating system.

How is Underfloor Heating System Made?

Underfloor heating systems should be made by experts. It is very important that electrical installations are made by people who have knowledge, education, certificate and diploma. The fact that these systems are directly related to human life makes the people who will install the system even more important. The underfloor heating system is extremely durable as well as providing long-term use. In addition, in the system where problems such as malfunctions and repairs are not experienced, the right company and people should be worked with in order to receive technical service support in a timely and complete manner.

After an agreement is reached with the company that has proven itself in its field and that makes the installations in accordance with the necessary rules and techniques, the necessary work can be started for the installation of the underfloor heating system.

Making Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor heating systems are passed under the floor covering of the buildings to be installed. For this reason, flooring should not be done without underfloor heating system. Cables that transmit electricity and convert it into heat are used in underfloor heating systems. These cables can be either plastic coated or steel coated. Steel-coated cables have a lifespan of up to one hundred years if used correctly. An average of twenty years is guaranteed for all plastic cables or other types of cables. These cables are fixed to the ground by entangling them under the floor covering at regular intervals. One end of the cables fixed to the ground is connected to the electrical panel. This panel can be the building’s own electrical panel . There is no need to create a separate panel and switchboard for connecting electrical cables.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating System

The most important advantage of the underfloor heating system is that it provides rapid heating and the heating can be done in a controlled manner.

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