What Does Electric Ground Heating Do?

What Does Electric Ground Heating Do?

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Air conditioning, electric stoves, normal stoves and combi boilers that we resort to to warm up especially in cold weather may not be able to give the result we want. It’s either hard to use and short-lived, or it can strain our budgets. The ground heating electric system, which is the most preferred of our families with children, does not require much maintenance. In general, underfloor heating system, which offers a comfortable use on wet floors, can also be preferred in bathrooms.

What are barrel heating options?

  1. Flexible Barrel Heater (115V) 1500W
  2. 15 Barrel Heater 230V , 300W
  3. 30 Liter Barrel Heater 115V , 230W
  4. 5 Liter Barrel Heating offers barrel heating options such as 115V , 450W.

What should we pay attention to when using the ground heating system?

The electric underfloor heating system is as safe and economical as it is comfortable. It can be easily applied to marble, laminate and tiles. Heating systems are extremely safe systems. It can be cleaned not immediately after it is installed, but about 3-4 years later. Since the heating system is installed at the bottom, if the parquet or laminate on the upper surface is not of good quality, it can create a bad odor in the environment after a certain time. Therefore, the quality of the upper material is important for a comfortable life.

If the system pipes are not cleaned, you may experience staining problems on our walls. Apart from this, there is no harm to any system, only situations to be considered.

Use of Ground Heating System

Heating systems are extremely easy to use and install. After receiving the appropriate information in accordance with the necessary environment, our working masters make the system ready by making the appropriate placement of the cables. It can also be understood if it is illegal by performing a pressure control test.

You can check our
Electric Underfloor Heating Systems
to get information about the systems that can be laid on underfloor heating and to find out the prices of these systems.

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